RejuvinEAT Group Program


Jumpstart Your Health & Develop A Real Food Nutrition Plan

Want to eat healthy home cooked meals, but don't have the time to cook at home? Looking to drop a few extra pounds? Or have new years resolutions you actually want to stick to all year long?

Let 9 Miles East Farm feed you healthy and convenient meals, and we'll help you build healthy habits with a nutrition plan.

Nutrition Counseling

Ready to start your journey to health and wellness but need a helping hand to get you there? Our 8 week program will give you all the tools, accountability and support you need to start working toward your health goals. 

This is NOT a quick fit diet, a juice diet, low carb or starvation diet. Throughout the 8 week nutrition program, you will learn how to eat for your unique body, health and lifestyle, while building better health habits and a nutrition plan that focuses on a balanced approach to eating whole plant based foods.

Together We Will:

  • Identify achievable short and long term health goals

  • Find a stable routine that compliments your lifestyle

  • Build skills that sustain a healthy and happy you, without sacrificing time and money

  • Learn how to overcome food and fitness hurdles

  • Embrace ways to improve quality of life and the personal development process

We Will Teach You:

  • How GO Boxes and fresh farm food can help you eat well, build healthy habits and compliment your busy lifestyle with convenient and fresh meals.

  • How whole foods can provide you with the vitamins and nutrients you need for optimal health.

  • How to include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • How to eat for gut health, boost your immune system and get better sleep

You Will: 

  • Kickstart Your Metabolism

  • Get Healthy Glowing Skin

  • Boost Your Energy

  • Conquer Digestive Issues

  • Decode Your Cravings

  • Kick Your Bad Habits

Weekly Meal Cooler

We'll provide the healthy and convenient meals. All you have to do is eat them.

The 9 Miles East Farm weekly meal cooler subscription will provide you with all the tools you need to begin building healthy habits, and eat a whole plant based foods diet in 2016. The meal cooler is a convenient, fresh and functional approach to eating, and a great fit for anyone who wants to lose weigh, or make healthier choices, without sacrificing time and money. 

Here's what you'll get each week:

(1) Dinner to GO - Family Size (serves 4)

(1) Side Dish - Whoel Grain or Vegetables

(1) Soup or GO Basket

(2) GO Boxes

Includes: Five meals per week (a total of 40 meals over the course of 8 weeks), one 45 minute scheduled session per week (a total of 8 over the course of 8 weeks) - by phone, Skype, or in person meetings, as well as handouts and guides.