Postpartum Health

Becoming a mother, for the first-second-third or fourth time, is a time of transition and transformation. The first weeks and months following the delivery of your baby are considered a sacred bonding time between mom and baby; a time for the mother to rest and recover.

A mother’s health is crucial for her recovery from birth and labor, and her relationship with her new baby. Preparing for the postpartum period is the best investment you can make in your health and that of your baby. As you recuperate from pregnancy – labor – birth, while adapting to your new role as mom, you can honor your body’s unique healing process and nourish it with healthful foods and routines.

By preparing and prioritizing a postpartum health and nutrition plan you will be setting yourself up to not only survive after the birth of your baby, but optimally care for yourself and your little one(s). After spending the last nine-ish months growing a human, recovering, resting, and rejuvenating are now your new priorities – to support healing and prevent nutrient depletion. Eating in a way that nurtures and nourishes is extremely important – as it is your goal during the immediate postpartum period to heal the body, rebuild tissues, protect mental health, produce nutrient rich breast milk, and restore your nutrient levels.

I can help you feel strong, nourished and supported as you begin your journey into motherhood and move through the months to come. We can prepare a postpartum nutrition plan, prioritize self-care and overall health, recover and heal from labor, introduce solids to baby, and feed your toddler healthy foods.