Private One-On-One Coaching

All of my health and nutrition programs are designed to meet you where you are. The one-on-one coaching programs are your opportunity to get a customized plan for your health, based on your health history, your lifestyle, existing food choices and diet, all designed with your specific goals in mind.

 No matter which package best suits your desires and goals, we’ll create a road map that gives you the tools, accountability, and support you need to make sustainable changes to your health.

4 month package

Ready to jump start your health and wellness? If you want to have more energy and feel better, this package is for you. I’ll support you with education and guidance, accountability, and high fives.


  • 8, 45 minute Virtual Sessions

  • Post Session Email Follow Up

  • Personalized Goal Setting

  • Handouts, Guides, Digital Files, Recipes


6 Month Package

Ready to take the deep dive and commit to your health once and for all? If you are sick of food sensitivities, bloating, fatigue, and other digestive issues, this package is for you. If you’ve tried every “diet” and can’t seem to lose the weight, lower your blood pressure, stabilize your blood sugar, or manage your autoimmune condition, this package is for you.  I’ll support you with education and guidance, accountability, and high fives.


  • 12, 45 minute Virtual Sessions

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Weekly Meal Planning Support

  • Personalized Goal Setting

  • Handouts, Guides, Digital Files, Recipes


“Working with Barb has been life changing for me. Her expertise regarding inflammatory versus non-inflammatory foods (I have an auto-immune disease) as well as her knowledge and hands on experience with plant-based nutrition has encouraged me to think differently about my diet as well as family's. Through our work together, the biggest change I have made is reducing the number of traditional "meat and potatoes" meals that I grew up with and replacing them with fresh seasonal plant based meals. The change didn't happen overnight and I still have work to do but the education and tools Barb provided will help me continue on my smart nutrition plan. Since I started working with Barb I feel better and that better feeling has led me to make other health improvements in my life.

Barb is wonderful to work with. She listens, gives advice and encouragement, and never, ever judges. From the first day I met Barb, I felt as though I was reunited with an old friend. She will support you, your goals, and meet you where you are. She has a plethora of nutritional knowledge and is happy to share and educate on your own terms and extend her knowledge to complement the needs of your family. If I were to go back in time, I would definitely make the same decision to work with Barb! I recommend Barb to any woman looking to make a nutritional change for the good to improve their overall health. I'm glad I did.”

- Cynthia

“I have struggled for over a decade with painful acne on my neck and jawline. I have gone to multiple dermatologists, skincare specialists and internal medicine doctors. Barb has been the only one to successfully treat my acne with a whole food plant based diet. I always thought I was a healthy eater. I ate low-fat meats, low fat dairy, lots of fruit and vegetables and thought why can’t I get this acne under control? I literally asked every single doctor, dermatologist and esthetician what I should be eating and they could never give me a straight answer. They would say, "it's not what your eating it's hormonal." But then they would never treat the root cause.

Working with Barb a few short months my skin began to improve tenfold. Thanks to Barb’s wisdom I have been successfully able to treat my acne with a holistic natural approach without resorting to taking antibiotics and topical gels to control it. It feels great to be able to leave the house without foundation and not feel self conscious.

The best part of working with Barb is the knowledge she imparts on her clients in an easy and straightforward way. She’s hilarious and so easy to talk to without being judgmental or preachy. It’s like scheduling a date to talk to your best girl friend but instead of chatting about random things you get really important lessons on food and how to get your gut and hormones back in working order. She is the best. I once asked her for advice on supplements and she honestly said I wish I could help you with this but that is not my specialty. She didn't stop there though. She went on to find a naturopath that specializes in supplementation and sent me their contact information.

I would recommend Barb to anyone that has had chronic skin or bloating issues. She can help identify things in your diet that may be aggravating these problems. She can also help teach you substitutes for the foods that are causing issues. She also will refer you to other practitioners based on your needs.”

- Celines